my name is Haywire.    when i drink too much, everything goes haywire.     i grew up in nyc    always drawn to the action of the underground.     but huge egos in the city these days.   everyone thinks they need to be the tough guy.    i believe love is the answer.    not a bigger ego.   

i loved every scene nyc birthed:  punk, moto, goth, S&M, uptown flash, brooklyn art & poetry.     GG Allin was my spirit animal.

always riding moto and creating things.    inhaling all the wacky souls that gotham hosted back in the 80s & 90s.    a weeknight was fun at a sketchy event till sunrise, then a buttered roll & coffee while i played chess at tompkins square park before going to work by 7am.    i worked on Wall Street, then two different technology startups, a large NGO, & other careers .     my body put up with that for about 15 years.     then one sunday i was walking the Hells Kitchen flea market and found a leather hide of tooling leather.    i cut it up and literally bolted together a messenger bag.    carved some crude images on it.   people flipped for it.   that formed my 6th career, a leather craftsman.     i immediately became pretty renowned in the design world.    but when the financial crash hit in 2008 I decided to close my work shop and lighten my load.    no more employees to manage, no work studio to maintain, etc.    i started to travel, ride more, meet more people, expand my understanding of living.      now I make cool custom leather pieces for people i dig.    hope you like my website.     love is the answer.    wheelies are king.



917.406.9853     call but don't annoy